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Lenny Bailes


  • The Coefficient of Friendliness a draft for the first few pages and first chapter of a fantasy story that I began writing in the late 1970s

  • What you'll find here are pointers to several facets of my fragmented professional and personal life. As far as earning my catfood scrip, I'm primarily an IT guy again, these days. I've spent about fifteen years driving my cyber-gypsy, PC-sharpener wagon around: writing computer books, writing for computer magazines, being a computer teacher and consultant. The rest of my life used to be divided between being a science fiction fan and lingering hippiedom. Some songs are available on the What's New page.

    What you'll find here:

    • What's new in my life.
    • Sercon Jottings, a selection of less geekly (or differently geeked) writing than you'll find on the rest of this site.
    • A study proposal, now a bit dated, that formed the basis for my San Francisco State University M.A. Field Study. (Wired classrooms for teaching computer networking skills are now S.O.P in IT training environments. But when I taught Windows 95/98 networking for corporate training companies in the 1990s, I kind of invented the standard syllabus from the ground up.)
    • Windows 95/98 Survival Guide: another fairly-dated instruction construction. (I did spend a few years, after this archaic first lesson in HTML, as a member of SF State U's Green Lectern Corps.)
    • A sample chapter from my book on Windows 95. (I've written several other books, since then.)

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