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Whether you're a lab mouse bent on world domination, or simply a recreational computer user, you want your computer to behave itself. Even power users like Pinky and the Brain occasionally get frustrated by Windows 95.

This site is designed to spare Windows 95 and 98 users from the aggravation of lashing out with random mouse clicks. When you learn a few things that Microsoft omitted from its help files, Windows can become a seamless, easy-to-use interface for your computer. The site is a set of quick guides for Windows 95 beginners. It also contains need-to-know technical notes for lab techs and administrators who want to quickly get a Windows 95 or Windows 98 network up and running.

You'll also find an answer, here, to that topical question frequently asked by PC novices and disgruntled Macintosh users: "OK, if I have to buy an Intel PC, is Windows 98 any better? If I can choose either 95 or 98, which one should I have them put on my new computer?"

Be sure to check your Windows 95/98 Survival Quotient before leaving the site!

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