Windows 95 and 98 have built-in Internet support! If you've arranged for an account with an Internet Service Provider, and you've installed your applications (Web Browser, E-mail, FTP, etc.) you can be cruising the Net and sending e-mail within 10 minutes. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Install your modem
  2. Install Dial-Up Networking Support
  3. Install Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  4. Create Dial-Up Networking profile.


1.  Is your modem installed?

     Click Start  -->Settings to find the Windows 95
     Control Panel. Click the mouse once on Control Panel
     to open it.

     Locate the Modems icon in Control Panel.
     Double-click on Modems to verify/add a
     new modem.

(Click here for more help)

2. Is Dial-Up Networking installed?

       Go to Start --> Programs--> Accessories
        If you see a Dial-Up Networking folder under 
        Accessories, then Dial-Up Networking has been
        installed.  Install your Modem (1), and set up 
        your ISP information (3).
        If you do not see a Dial-Up Networking folder 
        under Accessories, then you'll need to open the 
        Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs to
        install this service.
                              Click here for more DUN install help

3.  Have you installed the Internet TCP/IP protocol
    for Dial-Up Networking?
    Sadly, this protocol is not automatically
    installed, when you install Dial-Up Networking,
    as described above.  But
    Fortunately, it only takes a minute or two
    for you to add it.
    A.  Go to START -- Settings -- Control Panel
    B.  Click on the Network Icon
    C.  Add the TCP/IP Protocol for
        Dial-Up Networking.
                      (Click here for more details)

4.  Have you entered the address information for 
    your Internet Service Provider?
    In order for you to establish an Internet
    connection, Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking
    must know how to log on to your ISP.
    To set up a Dialing Profile, open the
    Dial-Up Networking folder, under 
    Start Menu ---> Programs ---> Accessories.  
    Double-click the 'Make New Connection'  icon.  
                                 (Click here for more
                                 dialing profile help)