Day 4 Agenda


Read More DOS, and PC BOOT process sections in PC1.DOC
Download DOSHELP.EXE from class website and explore DOS commands


    1. Recovery Exercise (15 min)
    2. Review of Bits, Bytes, Kilobytes exercise (15 min)
    3. PC Memory, DRAM, SIMMS (EDO, Parity, SDRAM) , DIMMS
      See , (PC1.DOC, p. 7, (30 min)
    4. Review of motherboard and operating system vocabulary (PC1.DOC, p. 5 ( 15 min)
    5. [breaků]

    6. Lab Exercise 5: Computer disassembly (see Lab 2 and Kelvin website)
      remove and insert controller cards
      remove, configure and install disk drives
      remove and install PC memory
    7. More DOS Exercises
      DOS File Associations
      Internal and External DOS commands
      Format a disk, create aq system disk
      Path Statement