Windows 2000 Professional Networking & Tech Support

SF State Information Technology Program -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 3 Agenda

1.    Sharing Files, Folders, and Printers [30 min]
Review Exercise 7 in Labs document
Examine Security Permissions on your shared folder that resides on the Desktop
        The W2K Pro security permission default is to grant "Everyone" full control of most folders.

Share Permissions vs. NTFS File Permissions 
See class handout and Windows Help 

    2.    Setting up a W2K Pro Peer-to-Peer network  [30 min]
    See Lycos Improving Your Network

            Review Basic hardware requirements: Network Interface Card, Cables (for 10/100BaseT),        Hub/Switch/Router

           Basic software requirements:  NIC Drivers, protocols, and network client for operating system:
                See   What is TCP/IP?  [15 min],,9+50+26124+24915,00.html
                and Implementing TCP/IP,,9+50+26124+24956,00.html,
     Creating a Subnet,,9+50+26124+24956+1355,00.html

    LAN vs. WAN,,9+50+26124+24906+236,00.html

           Installing a Network Card, Adding Protocols

    Exercise 8: [60min]

    See labs handout. We will a) attach the two working practice computers to a hub, b) verify connectivity, c) configure their network settings and d) use Windows Update to retrieve/install W2KP Service Pack 3

    Implementing a TCP/IP network
    Creating a subnet, entering IP addresses, Subnet Masks, Gateways, DHCP and DNS Servers, Renewing DHCP address.
    Using Ping, IPConfig, Tracert, NSLookup

    [Lunch Break]

    3.    Creating a shared TCP/IP printer [15 min]

    4.    Internet Connection Sharing [1 hr]

    5.    Troubleshooting [60 min]
           See class handout and
           Review of Windows F8 boot options
           Scheduling CHKDSK [45 min]
           Third party packages Easy Recovery Pro
           Windows services and dependencies [15 min]

    6.    Final Quiz (75 min)