Windows NT Server - 7/19 Agenda

Windows NT Administration Kit and Windows NT Technical Support Kit
Microsoft Press (includes tutorials, videos, + 120-day version of Windows NT Server)
Administration: ISBN # 1-57231-439-7 Tech Support: ISBN # 1-57231-373-0

Zone Alarm: a good, free, software firewall:

Windows NT Security Options, passwords, Task Manager

Installation Review (45 minutes)

Training simulation
Download and install Service Pack 6.0a
Install the MS Option Pack (Download the Option Pack at


Basic NT Skills [15 min]

How to share a folder
How to create a user account

Lab: Logging into Demonstration website [45 min]

Intro IIS Management console [15 min]

Open administrative help site and access tutorials

Windows NT Networking Concepts (protocols, services, TCP/IP options)
Time permitting

Assignment for next class:

Browse Windows NT help resources, self-help books at, read
help materials on IIS. (Take multimedia tour, if you have access to IIS outside of class)