Windows 2000 Administration
ITP 9986 --Lenny Bailes (Wednesdays, 11/6-11/20; - 10am-5pm)

Day 2Agenda

1.    Account Management Exercise (60 min)    

Try using the account information from Exercise 4 in the labs handout and implement this company's accounts on a stand-alone Windows 2000 Server. (After we install ADS, we'll set up a user database for the McDuck company at the domain level.)

Accounts need to be create for the following personnel at McDuck Industries. For now, the company will be placing both its Accounts and Inventory databases on a stand-alone W2K Server.






Gyro Gearloose

Network Administrator


Donald Duck



Scrooge McDuck



Huey Duck

Sales Manager


Dewey Duck

Accounts Manager


Louie Duck

Sales representative


Minnie Mouse

Account representative



Huey and Dewey should not be full administrators, but Gyro would like them to be able to back up the server.

The administrator, all the executives, and managers need to be able to access both the Accounts and Inventory folders. However, when new representatives are hired (such as Louie and Minnie), they should only be given access to the folder that contains the database for their own department.

Donald is not to be trusted with any system maintenance tasks and Scrooge doesn't want to be bothered. How can the account structure for this domain be set up?

See the MCMCSE tutorial on NTFS permissions to answer questions in the supplemental exercise sheet..

2. Review of Windows 2000 Server Installation questions (10 min)

3. Creating a Domain and installing a Domain Controller (45 min)
See Exercise 4 on first exercise sheet.

5. Joining a W2K Pro workstation to a domain. (15 min)

[Lunch break]

6. Microsoft Active Directory Users and Computers walkthrough [60 min]

See second labs handout from Microsoft ADS Step-by-Step Guide

7. Installing/Publishing a Network Printer [30 min]
See second labs handout from Microsoft Managing ADS site

8. Exercise 5 -- McDuck accounts under ADS [75 min]

Create an Organizational Unit for McDuck, Inc., and do Exercise 5 in the first labs handout.
Re-share the Sales Inventory and Accounts subfolders under the McDuck folder.
Publish these Shared Folders in ADS as in the Microsoft walkthrough
Configure Groups and User Accounts for Exercise 5.

Go to one of the Windows 2000 Pro workstations and a) join it to your partner's domain b) log on as Huey, Louie, and Minnie to test the permissions on the documents in the Sales Inventory and Accounts folders.

9. TCP/IP Exercise



Read Strategies for Using Windows Groups in Windows Help. Read Networking sections on TCP/IP, DHCP, and DNS on the Microsoft "What's New" page for Windows 2000 and on the Lycos How-To pages.


Look over Best Practices on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Documentation site for Licensing.

If at all possible, review the Information on How to Use column on the Microsoft What's New in Windows 2000 Server page under the Networking section for TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and WINS. (You don't have to read it all, but try to get some background on these topics for next class.) Read the online Microsoft Documentation for working with NTFS File Permissions.

Also read Lycos How-Tos   Introducing Active Directory , Designing an AD Tree, and Using AD Users and Computers. (Review other Lycos tutorial sections under Windows 2000 Server Administration, as needed.)