Windows NT Tech Support
ITP 9985 --Lenny Bailes (M,W,F 4/23-5/2; 6-9:30pm)


Second Day Agenda

Review Windows NT installation
Win98 Dual Boot strategy
Review GUI portion of Windows NT Server installation
Practice Windows NT Server installation on side computers.
Practice Unattended installation exercise.

Install and Share Printer, Set up Printer Pool
Inspect your computer's network settings. Each computer should be the PDC of its own domain.

Working with User Profiles

Three kinds. Local, roaming, and mandatory.

Creating a Roaming User Profile

Inspect the directory on your Server called \WinNT\Profiles. The share on the directory should assign Read Access to Everyone.

Create a new User Account called "Template User" (assign a password of password, clear the User Must Change Password box). Go to Logon Hours and give the user permission to log on Mondays through Fridays from 8am to 9pm.

Log in as "Template User." Modify the desktop colors, Create a My Files folder on the desktop and create a new program group called "My Shortcuts."

Log off "Template User" and log on again as NTStudent. Open User Manager for Domains, point to the "Template User" and choose Copy from the User Menu. Call this new user Profile User, and assign a password. Check the logon hours settings. What do you see?
Click the Profile button. In the User Profile path field, enter \\Servername\Profiles\%username%. Close the Account Settings and User Manager for Domains.

Assign the desktop settings you created for "Template User" to "Profile User":
a) Open the \Winnt\Profiles folder and create a new folder underneath it called "Profile User."
b) Inspect the list of available profiles. (These are local profiles created whenever a new user logs onto the computer.)
c) Right-click My Computer, choose Properties, go to the User Profiles tab.
d) Select the Template profile from the list and click the "Copy To" button.
d) In the Permitted to use field on the next screen, click the Change button and assign the permission to "Profile User."
e) Under "Copy Profile To," click the Browse button and choose the \Winnt\Profiles\Profile User folder.
f) Click OK, and close the System properties.

Log off as NTStudent and log on to the computer as "Profile User." What do you notice about the desktop settings?
Make some changes to the Profile User Desktop. (Change the background color and delete the "My Shortcuts" folder from the Startup menu. Shut down and restart. Log on as "Profile User" again and when the system asks whether you'd like to use the Locally Stored profile, answer yes.

Creating a Mandatory user profile

Log off the computer and log on again as NTStudent. Open the \Winnt\Profiles\Profile User folder in Windows Explorer and rename the file called "NTUSER.DAT" to NTUSER.MAN." (Make sure Windows Explorer is set to display hidden file extensions.)

Log off as NTStudent and log onto the computer as "Profile User" again. What happens to your desktop? Change the color, log off and log on again. Do you still have the option of logging on with a "newer" local profile?

(Optional Topics, time permitting)

Log on to your partner'sWindows NT domain from Windows 98

Join a Windows NT Workstation computer to your partner's domain.