Windows 2000 Professional Networking & Tech Support

SF State Information Technology Program -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 1 Agenda


    1.     Review class policies and online resources [20 min]

    Class website:

    Microsoft What's New in Windows 2000 Professional

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Technical Resources

    MCMCSE W2K Pro Study Notes

    Windows 2000 Tech Tutorials --More technical thumbnail studies

    Lycos Windows 2000 Tutorials,,9+50,00.html

    Windows 2000 FAQ from PC World,aid,61687,00.asp

    Introduction to Windows 2000 Networking

    MCSE Exam Study Guide

    Basic Windows 2000 Tutorials,,9+50+80,00.html

    DeAnza College Classes on Windows 2000 televised on TV
    These classes are broadcast on KCSM, ch. 60 or ch. 17 on cable), currently, on Wednesdays and Thursday mornings at 1AM. Windows NT4 is currently Saturdays and Sundays at 1A).

    2.  Differences between DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 9.x, and Windows 2000 Pro [45 min]
         See class notes handout, Exercise 1 in Labs.doc, and

         Windows 2000 Resource Kit Online Documentation

    3.   Working with MMCs -- Exercise 2 [20 min]

    4.    Windows 2000 Task Scheduler Exercise 3 [15 min]

    5.     Windows 2000 Registry & Windows Update Exercise 4 [30 min]

    6.    Emergency Recovery Disk and Installing Emergency Recovery Console Exercise 5
     See [30 min]


    7.    Working in Windows Control Panel
           See,aid,104690,pg,5,00.asp   [35 min]

    8.    Installing Windows 2000 Professional (Exercise 6). See class notes handout, p. 6-7 and
 ,,9+50+26738,00.html [90 min]

    Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Database

    9.     Intro to Network Topology (time permitting) [45 min]



    Read Windows 2000 Networking Tutorials: pictorial Lycos versionmore detailed onlinr discussion above, and class notes handout, p. 11-15. Review Exercises 7 and 8 in Labs handout. This is what we'll be doing next Monday. Read about NTFS File Permissions.

    Check out the Windows 2000 Professional tutorials at various locations & prepare list of questions (if any?).