Day 4 Agenda

Previous homework: Read class notes, p. 15-17 on configuring Win98 network settings. Review Lab Exercise 6 in the WINLAB.DOC handout (p. 10) and read networking chapters online at

Introduction to Networking.

See Using a Windows 98 Network, Class notes (Win1A.DOC), page 12 (60 min

Lab Exercise 5: Using the Network

Network topologies: Arcnet, Ethernet, Token Ring

Ethernet Hardware components of a network: 10Base and 100Base

See also: Using Windows 98: Setting Up a Simple Network at

Win98 Network Properties

Configuration: Necessary W98 network components:


Access Control

Lab Exercise 6: Win98 Network installation/configuration

See also Windows 95/98 Network Connection Setup Tutorial

Troubleshooting network configuration:

Test physical connection first (cabling), then test software configuration:
Visibility in Network Neighborhood, ping, protocol settings, hardware device settings.

read troubleshooting guides section of class notes (p. 18-21),
review post-installation tips, p. 22-26 and Exercise 7 in labs section(p.11)
study for final quiz