Day 2 Agenda

Homework: Read about FDISK in the Labs document and about installing Windows 98 in a textbook or on the web


    1. Backing up the Registry [45 min]

2. Preparing to Install Windows 98 (90 minutes)

System Requirements for installing Windows 98


Windows 98 is sold in two editions Upgrade and Full

The upgrade editions can migrate a Windows 3.x computer to Windows 95 or 98, or upgrade a Windows 95 computer to Windows 98.

The full edition can upgrade a computer running DOS versions 3 to 6.x to Windows 95 or 98.

To install Windows 95/98, run the SETUP program from the CD.

The Setup guides the user through the various configuration choices, allowing the choice of keyboard, mouse, video card, network card, language, and which system utilities will be installed.

See Lab Exercise 2: Preparing a new hard disk for Windows 98 Installation


We will practice installing Windows 98 at the computers on the side of the room. [60 minutes]