BYTE Guide to Optimizing Windows 95 BYTE Guide to Optimizing Windows 95
by Lenny Bailes, Charles Bermant, Craig Menafee, and John Heilborn

ISBN: 0-07-882118-5
354 pages - $29.95 US, Available Now 

Make sure Windows 95 runs at peak efficiency with this one-of-a-kind book. 

There has never been a Windows book like this before! 

Loaded with ideas and techniques to get your system in top working order, the BYTE Guide to Optimizing Windows 95 covers the tweaks and optimizing shortcuts that Microsoft is famous for leaving out of its documentation. There are sections on installing Windows 95, how to handle old Windows and DOS applications, the Internet, networking with Windows, multimedia, and troubleshooting. A wealth of hardware-related advice and information is offered as well. The authors worked nonstop to deliver the ultimate Windows solutions. 

Not only is it packed with the best tips, tricks, fixes, and slick techniques, it is also a great read. Quotes and anecdotes enliven the pages so that you'll have fresh insights as well as new information about how to use Windows for optimal performance. 

If you like your computer books to be spicy, this is the book for you. For hip tips with an attitude, don't miss the BYTE Guide to Optimizing Windows 95

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BYTE Guide to Optimizing Windows 95
636 pages, ISBN: 0-07-882120-7, $29.95, Available Now