Maximizing Windows 98 Maximizing Windows 98
by Lenny Bailes

ISBN: 0-07-882539-3
898 pages - $34.99 US, Available Now 

Unleash the true power and productivity of Windows 98! 

with Maximizing Windows 98 you'll learn to: 

  • Configure Windows to automate virus checks and system backups 
  • Use Win98 accessories to create custom document letterheads and signatures 
  • Customize your installation to add hidden features, make programs run faster, and run other operating systems from the same disk 
You can do all this and much more with this practical guide to optimizing Windows 98, from Windows expert Lenny Bailes. Hundreds of steps, examples, and documented and undocumented tips show you how to maximize Windows 98 for your particular needs. From installation, to creating a more convenient desktop, to getting the most out of Windows 98's Internet communication tools, there's a productivity payoff on every page! 
  • Inside, step-by-step guides show you how to: 
  • Determine whether your computer is Windows 98 compatible 
  • Migrate your existing Windows programs to Windows 98 
  • Customize your Windows 98 desktop and troubleshoot performance issues 
  • Maximize productivity with the new built-in e-mail, fax, and Internet accessories 
  • Optimize system performance with new Windows 98 Control Panel features 
  • Set up and organize Outlook Express and Integrate Explorer 
  • Integrate new plug-and play printer features to improve Windows 98 printing performance 
  • Set up and use a small business Windows 98 network 
  • Plug in and use multimedia hardware easily with Windows 98's new support for the USB (Universal Serial Bus) 
  • Exploit the Windows 98 Maintenance Wizard for enhanced operation 
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Maximizing Windows 98
898 pages, ISBN: 0-07-882539-3, $34.99, available now